We are a company with a long tradition of global trade in leather. Yet we are as uncomplicated and courageous as a start-up. This lively mix of experience and passion also comes from working daily with people from different cultural groups. We have a very special corporate character which is perceptible to anyone who deals with our team. Openness, expertise and passion are much more important to us that titles and status. We derive the joy in what we do from knowing that we experience these values daily in the company and all over the world. We love what we do. We love success.

Andrej Vačko

Sales Consultant

Celestine Irene

Sales Consultant

Esther Vazquez

Purchase & Importation

Henning Wagener

Sales Processing

Maria Wagener

Sales Processing & Accounting

Markus Bangert

Sales Consultant

Jaroslaw Baszynski

QC & Warehouse

Güven Akkan 

QC & Development

Bartosz Jurczyk

Sales Processing

Rico Kühlmann

QC & Development

Sven Wurtmann

Sales Processing

Ulrike Mütter

Team Leader Sales Processing

Sven Richter

Organisation & Administration

Oliver Helfrich

CEO & Sales Manager

Markus Cornelissen

CEO & Owner

Leather for Brands