Lining quality leather
The lining leather supply is in crisis. The demand for cheap goods is in direct contradiction to ever stricter quality and range requirements. Nowadays, because of automation or market differentiation, customers demand a perfect product in terms of choice and consistency. Our range of linings is therefore supplied to meet German standards for upper leather, grouped together under our “Premium AB” label. We supply our international customers in compliance with customer-specific REACH regulations, CADS and European technical standards.

Upper quality leather
As the visible part of leather products, particular care is required for upper leathers. The amount of suitable raw materials is steadily shrinking due to the drastic decline in quality of raw materials worldwide. Consumers’ willingness to accept cheaper products yet comprise on quality is, however, declining. Cutting is based on autocutter systems and Satra cutter systems. Increasingly, individual assessment and working by trained and experienced cutters is a thing of the past. We find the right source of suitable raw materials for every upper leather item from our “AK1” label, and stipulate only the best and optimum ranges. In this way we guarantee our customers a uniform and consistent supply of the best ranges.

This industry’s large patterns and the very tight margins demand the maximum number of fault and tear-free leathers, with as few brand marks as possible. The standard we have defined comprises 100% min. 4-5 70 x 70 fault-free panels under the BIG 4/5 label, and 100% 3-4 panels as our BIG 3/4 standard. It goes without saying that our cowhides comply with the “Blue Angel” eco-standard, as well as customer-specific standards. 

Top assortment of finest grain and pure aniline items, SG (Schadstoffgeprüft) “Ortho plus” eco certification

Cowskin quality
Our cowskins are exclusively sourced and hand-picked from around the world for our “PREMIUM STANDARD” label. Colour distribution, odour, quality, silkiness and repairs are subject to the strictest controls. A basic requirement for every delivery is compliance with international toxic substance standards and a neutral odour. Customer mix is also specified as a standard and we ship items specially commissioned by customers.

DECO skins
Our customers are guaranteed unparalleled consistency of quality, colour and appearance in terms of the correct hair length, uniformly fine combing and shininess. This is ensured by the specific use of only the best skins from New Zealand and Australia. Our customers around the world are supplied with hand-picked skins in premium protective packaging. Safe use, even for medical purposes, is guaranteed through chromium and metal-free tanning under the “Deko Green” label.

Wet blue quality
As a raw material, wet blue basically meets international standards. To still benefit our customers, regardless of quantity and location our hides are sorted in the local tanneries according to our customers’ intended use, so our customers obtain the best value for money and their specific requirements are met. We assume full responsibility for our customers being supplied with the agreed quality, through having our own offices, employees and consignees and our own billing.

Leather for Brands